The Eurail Finland Pass

The Eurail Finland Pass– Finland –3 - 8 days in 1 month, FinlandFinland, nestled between Sweden and the Baltic Sea, is home to historic cities and medieval villages. From the Arctic Circle to the Sea you find untouched forests and thousands of fresh water lakes, breathtaking archipelago. Turku, Tampere, Porvoo, Savonlinna, are filled with history, tradition and culture. Visit Helsinki, Finland's charming capital, truly a crossroad of eastern and western cultures. See Finland by train with the Eurail Finland Pass!

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Validity Adult 2nd Adult 1st Child 2nd & 1st
3 days/1 month $182 $225 $0
4 days/1month $217 $271 $0
5 days/1 month $250 $312 $0
8 days/1 month $337 $420 $0

Finland Pass Promo: Buy your pass between February 1 - April 30, 2016, get one extra day free! Adult is a Flexible pass, for travelers 12 years and older. Up to 50% off for children aged between 6 and 16. Children under 6 travel for free.

Youth Pass 2nd 1st
3 days/1 month $149 $182
4 days/1 month $177 $217
5 days/1 month $204 $250
8 days/1 month $275 $337

Finland Youth Pass Promo: Buy your pass between February 1 - April 30, 2016, get one extra day free! Youth Passes are for individual or group travelers who are 25 or younger on their first day of travel.

Operation January 1 - December 31, 2016
Departure All year
Price from $182 valid 3 days / adult in Standard
from $149 valid 3 days Youth
Included Unlimited train travel in Finland, from 3, 4, 5 or 8 days in 1 month.
National Railway: VR

Free Admission to Railway Museum
Please Note 2016 Prices are in U.S. dollars and are subject to change.
Tour Options Pass Benefits in Finland

Tallink Silja Oy
30-50% Discount
Helsinki-Tallinn: 50% discount
Turku-Stockholm via Mariehamn: 50% discount
Helsinki-Stockholm via Mariehamn: 50% discount
Helsinki-Rostock: 30% discount
All discounts granted on the cabin category C-A. Port taxes are extra.

Viking Line
50% Discount
Please contact Five Stars of Scandinavia, Inc.
More Information Finland Rail map

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THE EURAIL FINLAND PASS Finland is known for both its wild outdoors, perfect for housing Santa's reindeer and its modern cityscapes, including beautiful Helsinki. With a Finland Eurail Pass enjoy excellent connections throughout the country and great discounts on ferries to Sweden, Denmark and Germany.
Travel days may be used consecutively or non-consecutively in 1st or 2nd class with a choice of 3, 4, 5 or 8 days in 1 month.

Reservations are necessary on IC, IC2, EP and Pendolino S220 trains.

Supplement required for class upgrades on the IC and Pendolino.

Passes are valid from 00:00 hrs to 24:00 hrs (Midnight to Midnight) on a chosen day of travel.

If a pass holder is traveling on a direct overnight train containing sleeper accommodation departing after 7pm, the next day's date must be entered. In such cases, travel from 7pm and midnight of the following day is included and considered as one day of travel. If the overnight trip requires a train change before midnight, the traveler must use 2 travel days. This rule may vary by rail carrier.

Seats, sleepers, couchettes, pass holder tickets for travel on high speed and night trains, luggage checking, and port taxes, are all subject to additional charges which are not covered by the passes.

Lost Tickets: Five Stars of Scandinavia and ACP Rail International is not responsible for tickets or vouchers, which are lost, stolen, mutilated or destroyed. Refunds cannot be authorized in such cases.
Rail Protection Plan: Trip cancellation insurance is strongly recommended.

All prices are subject to change.

National Passes in Scandinavia are available for Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden

New Regional Passes allow you to combine two Scandinavia countries:
Eurail Norway-Sweden Pass

Eurail Denmark-Sweden Pass

Eurail Denmark-Germany Pass

Eurail Finland-Sweden Pass

With a pass to suit every need, Five Stars of Scandinavia is your one-stop travel specialist for all EURAIL Passes, offering the lowest prices available anywhere!

Extend your travels from Finland into Russia! There are excellent connections from downtown Helsinki to the city center of St. Petersburg, known for its beautiful canals. The journey takes approximately 5.5 hours.
Please contact Five Stars of Scandinavia for train tickets from Helsinki to St. Petersburg/Russia!

Enjoy your Eurail Finland pass from Five Stars of Scandinavia!

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