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Travel Iceland

With less than half a million residents, Iceland has become one of the wealthiest and most developed nations in the world. Albeit its recent developments and technological advancements, Iceland is a volcanically active island, deeply connected to pristine wilderness. With its abundant hydroelectric and geothermal power, inhabitants are connected to nature daily.

Volcanoes & Geysers

A volcano erupts, on average, once every five years in Iceland. The volcanic activity that formed the island continues to feed hot thermal springs and spray gushing steam from the geysers. The English word "geyser" is derived from Iceland's Great Geysir, the oldest known geyser in the world. Perhaps the world's most well-known geyser, the Strokkur, erupts every 5-10 minutes.

Blue Lagoon

A geothermal spa, the Blue Lagoon provides "energy for life through forces of nature". Guests enjoy bathing in geothermal seawater, relaxing in a steam bath, and receiving a massage from the Lagoon's waterfall.

Pingvellir National Park

The ancient site of the original Icelandic parliament, Pingvellir National Park is a geologically fascinating area. The many valleys and canyons throughout the park clearly display the continental drift between the North American and Eurasian plates.

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