North Spitsbergen "Base Camp"

North Spitsbergen "Base Camp"– Spitsbergen, Arctic Ocean –10 days / 9 nights, Longyearbyen - Krossfjorden - Ytre Norskøya - Raudfjord - Liefdefjorden - Andøya - Bockfjord - Hinlopen Strait - Phippsøya - Prins Karls Forland - LongyearbyenDuring this Arctic summer voyage to North Spitsbergen, the m/v Plancius cruises the west coast of Svalbard on a Polar Bear and Whale Special. Plancius offers a comfortable hotel standard, with two restaurants, a bar/lecture room and a sauna, providing us with possibilities to adventure remote locations such as the Ross Sea and Franz Josef Land. Focus is on spectacular fjords and glaciers, and encounters with Walrus, Seals, Polar Bears and Whales.

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Quadruple Porthole Triple Porthole Twin Porthole Twin Window Twin Deluxe Superior
$4,900 $6,000 $7,000 $7,450 $7,900 $8,850

m/v Plancius 'Basecamp Plancius', Rates per person in USD

Quadruple Porthole Triple Porthole Twin Porthole Twin Window Twin Deluxe Superior
$4,950 $6,000 $6,750 $7,050 $7,550 $8,350

m/v Ortelius, price per person in USD, * under charter

Operation June 29 - July 8, 2016
Departure OTL08 H K P, June 29 - July 8, 2016, 9 nights, 'Base Camp'
Price from $4,900 per person, Quadruple cabin
Included Voyage aboard the indicated vessel as indicated in the itinerary
All meals throughout the voyage aboard the ship including snacks, coffee and tea
All shore excursions and activities throughout the voyage by Zodiac
Program of lectures by noted naturalists
Experienced expedition staff
Free use of rubber boots and snow shoes
On Spitsbergen voyages: Transfers and baggage handling between the airport,
hotels and ship only for those passengers on the group flights to/from Longyearbyen
All miscellaneous service taxes and port charges throughout the program
AECO fees and governmental taxes
Comprehensive pre-departure material
Not Included Any airfare, whether on scheduled or charter flights
Pre- and post land arrangements
Transfers to / from the vessel outside Spitsbergen
Passport and visa expenses
Government arrival and departure taxes
Meals ashore
Baggage, cancellation and personal insurance (which is mandatory)
Excess baggage charges and all items of a personal nature such as laundry, bar, beverage charges and telecommunication charges
Customary gratuity at the end of the voyages for stewards and other service personnel aboard (guidelines will be provided)
Service fee $25
Please Note The ice conditions will determine the sailing plan.

All rates are quoted per person in US Dollar, based on twin occupancy. US Dollar rates apply for all sales outside Europe. 5% Discount will be granted for bookings for one or more consecutive voyages. Please note that all dates & rates are subject to change. All voyages will operate subject to a minimum of 70 participants on Plancius, 60 participants on Ortelius.

Possible fuel surcharges; It is agreed that if world fuel prices will reach or exceed US Dollar 120 per Barrel Brent, 90 days prior to departure Oceanwide Expeditions reserves the right to levy a fuel surcharge of US $25 per passenger per night for bookings outside Europe, to be paid by the contracting party of Oceanwide Expeditions.
Tour Options "Base Camp" all adventure activities are free of charge
H = Hiking, Hikes of approx. 6 hours
K = Kayaking, Group size min 4 - max 14 kayakers
P= Photo workshops, group size min 4, max 14 participants. Leica photo workshop

Please order your Spitsbergen, 4th (Bradt Travel Guide) by Andreas Umbreit (Jul 15, 2009), $15
More Information North Spitsbergen map
Norwegian Polar Institute: Polar Bears in Svalbard brochure
World Travel Award 2011

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Day 1 ARRIVAL LONGYEARBYEN - ISJORDEN Arrive in Longyearbyen, the administrative capital of the Spitsbergen archipelago of which West Spitsbergen is the largest island. Before embarking there is an opportunity to stroll around this former mining town, whose parish church and Polar Museum are well worth visiting, while in the surrounding area of Longyearbyen, more than 100 species of plants have been recorded. In the early evening the ship will sail out of Isfjorden.

Day 2 KROSSFJORDEN - NY ÅLESUND Heading north along the west coast, we arrive by morning in Krossfjorden, where we board the Zodiacs for a cruise along the faceof the 14th of July Glacier. On the slopes near the glacier, a colourful variety of flowers bloom, while large numbers of Kittiwake and Brünnich's Guillemot nest on the nearby cliffs. There is also a good chance of spotting Arctic Fox, patrolling the base of the cliffs in case a chick falls from its nest, and Bearded Seal, who cruise this fjord. In the afternoon we sail to Ny Ålesund, the world's most northerly settlement. Once a mining village - served by the world's most northerly railway, which can still be seen - Ny Ålesund is now a research centre. Close to the village is a breeding ground for Barnacle Goose, Pink-footed Goose and Arctic Tern. Visitors interested in the history of Arctic exploration will want to walk to the anchoring mast used by Amundsen and Nobile, in the airship Norge in 1926 and Nobile in the airship Italia in 1928, before their flights to the North Pole.

The highlights of Day 2: Zodiac cruising at Krossfjorden / 14th of July Glacier

Day 3 YTRE NORSKØYA - RAUDFJORD On the offshore island of Ytre Norskøya, we visit a 17th century Dutch whaling site, whose large graveyard is a reminder of the hardships and dangers of life here at that time. The island's bird life is prolific, with colonies of Little Auk, Black Guillemot, Brünnich's Guillemot, Puffins and Arctic Skua accessible to visitors. Eastward, we visit Raudfjord on the north coast of West Spitsbergen, a beautiful fjord dominated by spectacular glaciers and favoured by Ringed and Bearded Seal. The cliffs and shoreline of the fjord also support thriving seabird colonies and a surprisingly rich vegetation, which flourishes in sheltered spots.

The highlights of Day 3: 17th Century Whaling Station / Colonies of Little Auk, Guillemots and Puffins

Day 4 RAUDFJORD - KAYAKING - HIKING We will be the whole day in the Raudfjord system, with ample opportunities for kayaking and hiking (with or without snowshoes) on short or long walks (easy, moderate and challenging hikes are on offer).

Day 5 LIEFDEFJORD - ANDØYA - MONACO GLACIER Depending on the weather and sea ice we may now sail into Liefdefjorden, cruising near the 5 km long face of the impressive Monaco Glacier. The waters of the glacier front are a favourite feeding spot for thousands of Kittiwake and on previous voyages Polar Bear have been seen on the glacier, providing wonderful opportunities for photography. The whole day we will have good opportunities for kayaking, and short (easy) to longer (moderate to challenging) hikes (with or without snowshoes).

The highlights of Day 5: Liefdefjorden / Monaco Glacier / Hiking & Kayaking

Day 6 BOCKJORD - WOODFJORD At Bockfjord there are warm water springs with colourful sediments, close to the shore. There we can climb a volcano which erupted some thousands of years ago. This is about the warmest area of Spitsbergen with stands of Cassiope and Dryas vegetation. The shores of Woodfjord are littered with hundreds of large timber logs from Siberia. Another day full of Basecamp activities: kayaking and hiking!

The highlights of Day 6 : Colourful sediments / Climbing on a volcano / More 'Base Camp' activities

Day 7 HINLOPEN STRAIT - NORDAUSTLANDET Today we will sail into Hinlopen Strait, home to Bearded Seal, Ringed Seal, Polar Bear, and Ivory Gull. We'll navigate the ice floes of Lomfjordshalvøya in our zodiacs and explore the bird cliffs of Alkefjellet with thousands of Brünnich's Guillemot. On the east side of Hinlopenstrait, we'll attempt a landing at Palanderbukta on Nordaustlandet, home to reindeer, Pink-footed Goose, breeding Ivory Gull, and Walrus.

The highlights of Day 7: Zodiac cruising / Wildlife spotting / Landing at Palanderbukta

Day 8 PHIPPSØYA - NORDAUSTLANDET Our northernmost point could be at Phippsøya, in the Seven Islands north of Nordaustlandet. Here we will be at 81 degrees north, just 540 miles from the geographic North Pole. Polar Bear inhabit this region, along with Ivory Gull. We may sit for several hours in the pack ice, taking in our spectacular surroundings and perhaps seeing a Ross Gull, before we turn south again.

The highlights of Day 8: Just 540 miles from the geographic North Pole / Polar Bears / Pack ice

Day 9 FORLANDSUNDET - BOREBUKTA - LONGYEARBYEN In Forlandsundet at Sarstangen is a haul out place for Walrus. Alternatively we sail into St. Johns Fjord or south to the mouth of Isfjorden and land at Alkhornet. Seabirds nest on its cliffs and Arctic Fox search the cliff base for fallen eggs and chicks, while Spitsbergen Reindeer graze the relatively luxuriant vegetation. The reindeer may seem unbothered by human presence, but this is not really the case. The animals must survive the harsh winter, when temperatures plummet and food is hard to find, so they preserve what energy they can, fleeing only when it is absolutely necessary.

In the afternoon we cruise through beautiful Borebukta, following a glacier front before continuing to Longyearbyen.

The highlights of Day 9: Remains of Polar Bear hunting era / Harbour Seals / Walrus

Day 10 DEPARTURE LONGYEARBYEN We disembark in Longyearbyen, the administrative centre of Spitsbergen, for the flights south to Oslo and onward home.

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