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What is a Rail Tour?

Enjoy Scenic rail journeys in Scandinavia! Experience Nordic culture! Take it all in - from Norway's scenic fjords, Finland's Arctic adventures, Sweden's fashionable design to Denmark's enchanting Viking history. Scandinavia offers an extensive rail system, with many Rail tours allowing you to travel in comfort, providing breathtaking views of Northern Europe's countryside that are unavailable by other means of transportation.

Norway Nutshell Tours

Norway in a Nutshell Tours take full advantage of the country's rural rail transportation. Ride the Bergen Railway from Oslo to Bergen and witness the country's natural splendor. The third steepest railway in the world, the Flåm Railway, branches of the Bergen Railway in Myrdal and views spectacular river-cut-ravines, waterfalls, fjords, and snow-capped mountains while twisting through tunnels and climbing to astounding heights. Visit fjords, waterfalls, and mountains as well as major cities and museums. Book online today!

Eurail Passes

A rail pass provides unlimited train travel on a select number of days in the region of your choice. Some rail passes are valid in one country, while others allow you to travel throughout Europe. Our Eurail passes are single or multi-country and present you with complete access to the transportation you need at prices you want. Eurail passes are easily purchased and allow unlimited train travel throughout the countries you selected. Five Stars of Scandinavia offers a variety of Eurail passes to accommodate your travel needs in Northern Europe.


Eliminate travel time and ride the rails easily with our point-to-point rail tickets. Quick and affordable online booking, point-to-point rail travel provides breathtaking scenery while efficiently transporting you to your desired destination.

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