Around Spitsbergen - Walking Expedition

Around Spitsbergen - Walking Expedition– Spitsbergen, Arctic Ocean –10 days / 9 nights, Longyearbyen - Ny Ålesund - Liefdefjorden - Monaco Glacier - Nordaustlandet - Hornsund - Van Keulenfjorden - LongyearbyenAround Spitsbergen voyage on m/v Ortelius, explorer cruise from Longyearbyen along the west coast and around Spitsbergen, a true high-Arctic archipelago, only 600 miles from the North Pole. Spitsbergen is the largest wilderness area of Europe, with national parks and nature preserves outside four human settlements. On full day hikes we explore rugged mountains, sweeping tundra, ice-caps and huge glacier; an intense nature experience in remote areas.

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Quadruple Porthole Twin Non-private Twin Porthole Twin Window Superior Suite
$2,150 $2,500 $2,950 $3,100 $3,550 $4,100

Ortelius, per person, prices in USD.

Operation August 4 - August 13, 2013
Departure OTL11 HT, August 4 - August 13, 2013
Price from $4,950 per person, Quadruple cabin
Included Voyage aboard the indicated vessel as indicated in the itinerary
All meals throughout the voyage aboard the ship including snacks, coffee and tea
All shore excursions and activities throughout the voyage by Zodiac
Program of lectures by noted naturalists and leadership by experienced expedition staff
Free use of rubber boots and snowshoes on Plancius
On Spitsbergen voyages: Transfers and baggage handling between the airport, hotels and ship only for those passengers on the group flights to and from Longyearbyen
AECO fees and governmental taxes
Comprehensive pre-departure material
Not Included Any airfare, whether on scheduled or charter flights
Pre- and post land arrangements
Transfers to / from the vessel outside Spitsbergen passport and visa expenses
Government arrival and departure taxes
Meals ashore
Baggage, cancellation and personal insurance (which is strongly recommended)
Excess baggage charges and all items of a personal nature such as laundry, bar, beverage charges and telecommunication charges
Customary gratuity at the end of the voyages for stewards and other service personnel aboard (guidelines will be provided)
$25 Service fee
Please Note The ice conditions will determine the sailing plan, but the above is a realistic plan.

All rates are quoted per person in US Dollar, based on twin occupancy. US Dollar rates apply for all sales outside Europe. 5% Discount will be granted for bookings for one or more consecutive voyages. Please note that all dates & rates are subject to change. All voyages will operate subject to a minimum of 120 participants on Sea Spirit, 70 participants on Plancius, 60 participants on Ortelius, 24 participants on Rembrandt, and 14 participants on Noorderlicht.

Twin non private and Twin private cabins are available for single occupancy at 1.7 times the share price.

It is agreed that if world fuel prices will reach or exceed US Dollar 90 per Barrel Brent 90 days prior to departure Oceanwide Expeditions reserves the right to levy a fuel surcharge of US Dollar 25 per passenger per night, to be paid by the contracting party of Oceanwide Expeditions.
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Norwegian Polar Institute: Polar Bears in Svalbard brochure
World Travel Award 2011

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Day 1 ARRIVAL LONGYEARBYEN Arrive in Longyearbyen, the administrative capital of the Spitsbergen archipelago of which West Spitsbergen is the largest island. Before embarking there is an opportunity to stroll around this former mining town, whose parish church and Polar Museum are well worth visiting. In the early evening the ship will sail out of Isfjorden.

Day 2 KROSSFJORDEN - 4TH OF JULY GLACIER Heading north along the west coast, we arrive by morning in Krossfjorden, where we take the Zodiacs for a cruise along the front of the 14th of July Glacier. On the green slopes near the glacier, a colourful variety of flowers bloom, while large numbers of Kittiwake nest on the nearby cliffs. There is also a good chance of spotting Arctic Fox, who patrol the base of the cliffs in case a chick falls from its nest, and Bearded Seal, who cruise this scenic fjord. In the afternoon we sail to Blomstrand to climb to the top of the island to obtain a splendid view across the strait where until a few years ago a glacier connected the island with the mainland.

Day 3 BOCKFJORD - LIEFDEFJORD In Bockfjord the long hikers will set off for a day's hike to the warm springs about 8 km inland and will walk along glaciers and a volcano in one of the warmest areas in Spitsbergen in the summer. The shorter walkers will explore the warm springs along the coast in the morning and a lagoon on the spectacular Red Sandstone of Woodfjord, which derives its name from the immense numbers of logs washed ashore. In the evening we sail to the Monaco Glacier in Liefdefjord.

Day 4 LAAGØYA - PHIPPSØYA We will visit Laagøya today, a low island with a big lagoon where a big herd of Walrus tends to congregate. Sabine's Gull nest on the island as well. We will reach our northernmost point at Phippsøya, in the Seven Islands north of Nordaustlandet. Here we will be at 81 degrees north, just 540 miles from the geographic North Pole. Polar Bear inhabit this region, along with Ivory Gull. We may sit for several hours in the pack ice, taking in our spectacular surroundings and seeing a Polar Bear or two, before we turn south again.

Day 5 HINLOPEN STRAIT - NORDAUSTLANDET Hinlopen Strait separates the two largest islands of Svalbard, Spitsbergen and Nordaustland. In Palanderbukta, surrounded by glacier fronts, we will set foot on Nordaustland and explore this desert-like, yet beautiful environment. The hikers will follow Palanderdalen, an ice-free corridor between two major icecaps of Nordaustland. After about 20 km of polar desert, Augustabukta is reached, where an ascent on the icecap is easy. On the tundra we usually see a lot of reindeer. Both landings, Augustabukta Palanderbukta and Augutabukta, will also be done without the long hike. Nearby on Torrellneset there is a large herd of walrus.

Day 6 MOHNBUKTA - BARENTSØYA The east coast of West-Spitsbergen is very rarely visited during the summer. We will sail along Negribreen one of the rare Ice-shelf glaciers in the Arctic. At Teistpynten near Mohnbukta, all passengers will have the opportunity to have a stroll along the coast and on the tundra with many reindeer and with good views of again the front of the Negri-breen. Some of the Mesozoic sediment layers in this area are very rich in fossils such as ammonites and bivalves. During midday, the ship repositions further south to Agardhfjell. Excursion opportunities include a 6-hour inland walk to a colony of Ivory Gull.

Alternatively we offer:
Sundneset at the south-eastern corner of Barentsøya with a lush tundra vegetation and often large numbers of reindeer. Following a river up to a waterfall, the hikers will cover about 17 km to enjoy splendid views.

Alternatively, a shorter landing at Sundneset, including highlights such as rich tundra, a waterfall and good chances for encounters with reindeer, will be supplemented with another excursion at Rindedalen on the south side of Barentsøya.

Day 7 DISKOBUKTA - EDGEØYA In Diskobukta, a good 20 km further southeast, we find a small canyon with a colony of Kittiwake. Kapp Lee near the north-western corner of Edgeøya has been a focal point for hunting and scientific expeditions for centuries. Land uplift that followed the ice age has left its traces in shape of ancient whalebones and driftwood far from the coast, having a respectable age of several 1000 years. The opportunity to hike from Diskobukta to Kapp Lee enables us to appreciate the whole coastline with plentiful driftwood, whalebones and potential wildlife surprises. Alternatively, it will be possible to land both at Diskobukta and Kapp Lee without a long hike.

Day 8 HORNSUND The Hornsund at the west coast of Spitsbergen is surrounded by glaciers and mountains including the Hornsundtind (1,431 m) and the needle-shaped Bautaen. A day hike up to the mountain Ostragrodskyfjell in Brepollen, the innermost part of the Hornsund, will provide spectacular views of the glacier landscape, which can alternatively be explored by Zodiac. In the late afternoon light, Burgerbukta, on the northern side of the Hornsund, can appear to be the most beautiful fjord of Spitsbergen.

Day 9 VAN KEULENFJORDEN - RECHERCHEFJORDEN Today we land on Ahlstrandhalvøya at the mouth of Van Keulenfjorden. Here piles of Beluga skeletons (the Beluga is a small white whale), the remains of 19th century slaughter, are yet another reminder of the consequences of thoughtless exploitation. Fortunately, Beluga were not hunted to the edge of extinction and may still be seen locally. Indeed, there is a good chance that we will come across a pod. Cruising into Recherchefjorden during the afternoon we can explore an area of tundra at the head of the fjord where many reindeer feed.

Day 10 LONGYEARBYEN DISEMBARKATION Return to Longyearbyen and disembark for the transfer to the airport and the flight to Oslo and home.

The ice conditions will determine the sailing plan, but the above is a realistic plan.

This special voyage is dedicated to an intense nature experience in remote areas. We will offer full day hikes to explore the rarely visited interior of various islands, which has been seen by reindeer and polar bears rather than by man. We will also offer shorter excursions in the same areas.

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