St. Peter Line

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The St. Peter Line offers a unique opportunity for foreign tourists to enter St. Petersburg without a visa for 72 hours. To qualify for a visa-free tour, guests need to depart from Helsinki by ship, and can choose from one of three possibilities: two nights on-board plus one day in St. Petersburg, or two nights on-board plus one or two nights in hotel accommodations in St Petersburg.

St. Peter Line company is a St. Petersburg-based ferry operator whose fleet includes two first-class ships - Princess Maria and Princess Anastasia. The company runs regular cruises on Helsinki - Stockholm - Tallinn - St. Petersburg line and Helsinki - St. Petersburg line. The ferries are ready to accommodate about two thousand passengers. There are comfortable cabins of different categories, restaurants, bars, aqua-zones, Duty Free shops, auto decks and exclusive show programs by St. Petersburg Music Hall ballet theatre onboard.

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