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Travel Sweden

Visit Sweden, a country teeming with diverse locations. Sixty percent of the country lies north of the Arctic Circle and flaunts mountains, rivers, and forests. The Swedes live a simple life, valuing equality and self reliance. Their culture is eclectic; a mix of Denmark, Norway, England, Germany, and France.


Every year between December and April, Jukkasjärvi, a small village nestled in the northernmost part of Sweden, is home to the astounding ICEHOTEL: a complete hotel constructed of over 30,000 tons of snow and ice blocks from the Torne River. Since 1990, artists from all over the world have gathered annually to create the breathtakingly exquisite ICEHOTEL.

Göta Canal

Step aboard the world's oldest registered passenger carrying ship and sail from Stockholm to Göteborg. Sail along the 118 mile Göta Canal, passing over 60 locks, eight lakes, three canals, and two seas on the historic shipping route.


Referred to as the "Venice of the North", Stockholm is made of 14 islands, and 30 percent of the city is waterways. Sweden's largest and capital city boasts over 100 museums and dozens of parks, offering beauty in any setting.

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