Sound of Silence

Sound of Silence– Sweden –7 days / 6 nights, 5 days of mushing, Överstjuktan - Tärnasjön - Ammarnäs - UmnäsSound of Silence, a dog sledding expedition within the Arctic Circle. March is a striking month for dog mushing, a term used when one or more dogs pull a sled. The tracks in Europe's biggest Nature Reserve - Vindel Mountain Nature Reserve and on Gardfjället Mountain are getting harder and we will go faster with the dogs. The sun is warming us up during the day, and in the clear Arctic sky the Northern Lights are displaying a colorful, mystical show.

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Operation March 18 - March 24, 2016
Departure March 18 - March 24, 2016
Price from $3,095 per person
Included Transfers from/to Storuman or Hemavan Airport
Guest house Accommodation (double room or best option for group)
Full meals all the days
Swedish House/Lodge Accommodation (group room sharing)
Meals as per program
Individual huskies Team
Lectures / training
Qualified guide(s)
Gear and clothing
Taxes & service fees
Not Included International airfare & Airport taxes
Airfare to Storuman or Hemavan
Personal insurance / personal items
Alcoholic beverages
$25 Service fee
Please Note On all mountain tours we go out with 5-6 guests, but if you book as a group, it is possible to be 2 to 4 guests more on each tour.
Minimum age 18 years.

As you will be outdoors every day it is important to have the right clothing and footwear with you. If you do not own anything suitable you are most welcome to borrow the right equipment from the tour operator. You are also welcome to borrow a warm and comfortable sleeping bag.
The Silent Way uses only the best equipment available and provides our clients with the warmest, most durable and technically adapted clothing for winter in the mountains. We provide our clients with most of the "outer layers" of clothing; you need to bring the "inner layers". If you have your own equipment or outer clothing that you would like to use, please bring it along and we will evaluate together which items are more appropriate to use.
Tour Options Stay at the ICEHOTEL Jukkasjärvi
Overnight in Stockholm
Silja Line Cruise, Stockholm - Helsinki
Silja Line cruise, Stockholm - Turku
St. Peter Line cruise, Stockholm-St. Petersburg, visa free

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Day 1 ARRIVAL UMNÄS - SWEDISH LAPLAND (D) Upon arrival in Lapland, Hemavan airport, transfer by car approx. 80 km to Umnäs. First we say hello to the excited dogs. After that we have dinner at host home or something lighter like sandwich/lunch depending on what time you arrive. We also go over what gear and clothes you need to borrow from us. We talk about your days with the dogs and how to mush the sled.

Day 2 MUSHING DAY - ÖVERSTJUKTAN (B, L, D) The first day out with the dogs. You eat breakfast in your house around 8.00. Around 9.30 we meet in the dog yard and pack the last stuff in our sleds. You learn how to harness the dogs and you also get to know the names of the dogs in your team. After that it is time to pull the anchor, stand on the brake and GO FOR IT!

Överstjuktan is our first destination; the distance this day is approx. 35 mi. We go up and over a forest plateau, crossing three lakes and climb up over a mountain and down to our lodge for the night. The lodge in Överstjuktan is a cozy mountain lodge with 10 beds. We even have electricity from a nearby church. We bring fresh water from the lake. When we arrive we feed the dogs and give them straw to lie on, we also feed them in the evening after we had our dinner. If it is cold in the evening we also put a jacket on the dogs for the night.

Day 3 MUSHING DAY - TARNASJÖN (B, L, D) Your guide wakes you up around 06.30 with breakfast ready. After that we pack our bags and go out to the dogs to feed them. After feeding we pack our sleds, help out to clean after the dogs and harness them up. Tärnasjön is our destination today; the distance is 65 km. We go out on the big lake Juktan for 16 km before we start going up and into a beautiful mountain valley down to Biellojaure Lake. We go over a big plateau to Tärna Lake before we reach the lodge.

When we arrive to Tärna lodge we help each other to take care of the dogs and feed them. We bring water from a nearby stream and make ourselves comfortable in the lodge before we have a nice dinner. After dinner we go out to the dogs. Tärna lodge is a Swedish tourist organisation lodge and have 22 beds, a big kitchen and drying room. It lies at the beautiful Tärna Lake surrounded by mountains.

Day 4 MUSHING DAY - AMMARNÄS (B, L, D) Your guide wakes you up around 07.30 with breakfast ready. Today we mush to Ammarnäs, 40 km, it is a Sami village that lies in the end of a road. We start this day by mushing out on Tärna Lake, than we go up to a big mountain plateau before we go down to Ammarnäs valley and the two big lakes for the day. The last 8 km down to Ammarnäs is a nice and amazing fun downhill. Here we stay at the guesthouse in Ammarnäs; dinner and breakfast in the restaurant. The guesthouse has shower and sauna.

Day 5 MUSHING DAY - ÖVERSTJUKTAN (B, L, D) Today we feed the dogs 8.00 before we go and eat a nice breakfast in the restaurant. This day we go to Överstjuktan, 35 km from Ammarnäs. We start to climb uphill, mush over Guvert Mountain and then we experience an enjoyable downhill to the lake Överstjuktan. On the lake for 10 km and then the Victoria church appears. When we arrive to the lodge at Överstjuktan we help each other like the days before.

Day 6 MUSHING DAY - RETURN TO UMNÄS (B, L, D) Last day out with the dogs. Your guide makes breakfast before he wakes you up around 07.30. After that we pack the sledges for the last time and are on our way to Umnäs, approx. 31 mi. The last mushing day goes over mountains, lakes and in to a fairytale landscape of forest. We mush directly in to the dog yard; we take of the harnesses and let the dog lose in the dog yard so we can give them really nice thanks for the tour.

We eat dinner at hosts home and celebrate the tour and remember all things that happened during your Dogsledding adventure. Last overnight for this time in your cozy house in Umnäs.

Day 7 DEPARTURE UMNÄS (B, L) Breakfast in your house before we go out to say goodbye to the dogs. We eat lunch, write the guest book and mark the maps over your days in the wilderness (if you like).

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