“We just got back from our wonderful trip and I want to thank you for all the arranging you did. We had an amazing time and couldn’t have done it without your help! This was a once in a lifetime experience and you are the reason it happened. Thank you so much!”

– Carolyn & Alan Conner

“Wanted to let everyone know how pleased we were with the entire package that was assembled for our XC60 delivery in Sweden and the trip. Sharon and I appreciate all the work that went into this for us… the scheduling worked out great and we had an exciting time on the self-drive tour. We look forward to the arrival of our new Volvo when it arrives at our local dealer! Thank you!”

– Dave & Sharon Freson

“I had a fabulous trip, Natalie. Sunny for Grieg, rainy for Nutshell. I think I would have preferred the older ship; it looked like it had more character. Took the Nordlys from Tromso to Bergen, rode Icelandic pony on Lofoten. Took the Fram around Spitsbergen too. Wow it was something. I do feel so much more confident in selling Norway with you, Natalie.”

– H. Mazer, CTC

“We’ve been back for about a week now. Looking back on it, both my wife and I agree that it was our best vacation ever. It started out with our daughter waiting for us at the airport waving a Danish flag. She showed us all around Copenhagen. The cruise to Oslo was really fun. Oslo was great and we had perfect weather. We really liked Vigeland Park and the Opera House. All the fjord towns (Flam, Ulvik, Eidfjord) were beautiful. The first fjord cruise was super spectacular.

It was nice to have the train and hotel arrangements taken care in advance. Thank you again for all your help.”

– J. Eversmeyer

“We are back in Miami exhausted but very happy with the trip. I just want to THANK YOU for all your help with this amazing trip. Our group was really happy with everything from the hotels, food, amazing scenery and great service. Looking forward to another great trip with your company in the future. Thanks!”

– E. Fabrega

“I just wanted to thank you so much for helping organize this amazing trip! I just heard that Marc had given you a hard time and I apologize for that. I am not sure how the miscommunication happened and I didn’t know he emailed you directly. We have ALL had an amazing time and millions of amazing photos and I wanted to know how I should share everything with you and your team.”

– L. Grier

“I hope you are well. THANK YOU so much for planning this trip for us. We are so excited! We received everything in the mail so it looks like we are all set. I will contact you via email if we need you while traveling but I know you have already thought of everything we need. I cannot tell you how much of a pleasure it has been to work with you. We look forward to working with you again in the future. I think the next time we travel we will need to bring our two boys with us. They are so angry that we didn’t include them on this trip. I hope you have some good itineraries for pre-teens! Thanks again for everything!”

– J. Allison

“We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in St. Petersburg! We especially liked the city tour by the guide and driver, it was very informative and gave us a good overview of the city to get us started. Our hotel was also fantastic and located in good walking distance from all the main attractions in St. Petersburg. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Five Stars of Scandinavia to our friends and family!”

– Kimberly C.

“Returned home three days ago from the Iceland trip. I want to tell you how wonderful the guide, driver, and the whole trip was. There were about 46 people from many different countries and I saw so much different kinds of scenery on one small island. The people were great and so was the food. Thanks for booking this trip for my husband and myself.”

– S. Zrelak

“Thank you for an excellent job in helping me organize my cruise trip to St. Petersburg, Russia. St. Peter Line and the Sokos Hotel Vasilievsky were memorable experiences. The woman who guided us through the huge complex of museum rooms that make up the Hermitage was outstanding. My son and I appreciated the flexible schedule which allowed us to walk the streets of St. Petersburg on our own. I am recommending you to a friend of mine who wants to make a similar trip with her daughter. And thank you for your clear responses to my many questions.”

– D. Forbis

“Ya’ll are wonderful! Thank you SOOOOOO much, that’s a great relief! 🙂 Last weekend at the completion of the cruise, I wrote about it on my website and I linked to ya’lls website. So many people had asked me how I was getting to Russia, so I told them about the visa-free cruise you have.”

– S. Schauer

“Just want to let you both know that you batted .9999!

Everything went like clockwork, until we got back to Newark where our flight to Portland was delayed for 1½ hours (big deal not!) due to weather (the line of storms which triggered the NY tornadoes). You weren’t responsible for that weather, but we’ll give you credit for it on our trip. Yes, we has some rain and cloudy weather, but when good weather was called for, you delivered wonderfully!

“Thank You (both) is inadequate!”

– Murray

“I am so glad to hear you both had a wonderful time. Natalie and Five Stars are just stellar, aren’t they? I’ve been very happy with Five Stars in all of the bookings they’ve made for my clients. They really know their stuff!!”

– D. Custer, World Travel, Inc.

“Our vacation in Norway was outstanding. We enjoyed the Hurtigruten cruise and was assigned an upgraded cabin which was located well for our purposes. The flight also was perfect as it gave us a day in Kirkenes. The midnight sun was exciting to see. Thanks for your help and advice.”

– M. Federoff

“Just want to give you some feedback from our fantastic trip to St. Petersburg. The trip far exceeded our expectations. We were especially pleased with the tours and the opportunity to have our own tour guide, Julia. She was just perfect; very knowledgeable, good English, and had outstanding customer service skills. We learned a lot about St. Petersburg history from her. All in all we would recommend this trip to our friends, which we have been doing while showing them our photos. Also, thank you for your service to help us plan this very memorable trip. I could not have put together such a great package myself.”

– B. Telford

“Thank you so much for all you taught us and helped us understand about Norway. We feel that we are so much more enlightened about the places and culture of Norway now and we have you to thank. We are so grateful. Thank you again for a wonderful excursion. We are so happy with the tour and how it turned out to be incredibly interesting and enjoyable. Perhaps sometime we will meet again and we would always welcome you if you ever travel this way.”

– M. & J. Clayton

“Just wanted you to know that Mrs. Bourg & Mrs. Woods absolutely loved their Norway in a Nutshell package that you put together for them. It all went like a charm for them (Mrs. Bourg’s exact words). They absolutely had NO mishaps and everything was on time – went like clockwork – just like you said. Just thought you might like to know and I wanted to THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU again!”

– B. Campbell, Aldine Travel

“We got back home on Thursday night, and I didn’t want to wait too long to say thank you – we had a great trip, loved Norway (as well as the other legs of our trip in Stockholm and Copenhagen), and felt that the week you organized for us was just terrific. Our five days in the fjord country were perfect, and we liked all four hotels you arranged for us, in Oslo, Vatnahalsen, Balestrand, and Bergen. Again, thank you so much for being so helpful and so responsive to what we were looking for. We had a great time and your excellent arrangements really made it possible.”

– O. Golden

“Thank you for setting up this tour! The fjords of Norway are the most beautiful place we have been and everything was terrific. Stephanie Johanssen was an awesome guide! The hotels were wonderful, especially in Balestrand and Geiranger. We have been lots of places but this was the best trip we have taken. Norway is the most comfortable place to travel and this was probably the most pleasant trip and clearly the most beautiful trip we have ever taken. Thank you so much for your help!!”

– H. Mazer, Hess Travel

“I want to thank you for assisting me with a wonderful trip to St. Petersburg! At the time I booked with you, I had never heard of the St. Peter Line and their overnight cruises between Helsinki and St. Petersburg nor of your company, Five Stars of Scandinavia.

As a business woman traveling alone, I was somewhat concerned about going by myself, but everyone was very professional, and the individual tours you lined up for me with Yana and Anna in St. Petersburg were wonderful. They were very knowledgeable young women who were always on time, spoke beautiful English, and answered all of my questions about history, art, and culture as I enjoyed several of your individual tours: meeting me at the ship for a city tour of St. Petersburg upon arrival to get an overall sense of the city, an extensive tour of the Hermitage, an early opening morning tour of Peterhof (see it before all the tour buses arrive), and a tour of three cathedrals followed by taking me back to the ship for departure. I also liked that when you are with the individual tour guides you can quickly bypass waiting in lines and get into events.

On top of all this service, the excellent driver you scheduled drove me from the hotel to two different evening events (both of which you obtained tickets for me), Russian Folk Music and Dance Program, and the Kirov Ballet at the Marinsky Theater. The driver escorted me to the doorways to the theaters and then waited to take me back to the hotel after each event was over. The hotel you booked for me in St. Petersburg, the Sokos Palace Bridge Hotel, was lovely and provided excellent customer service and wireless access during my stay.

Thank you again for your excellent booking assistance, Natalie! I will certainly think about you and your company for any future booking needs I may have!”

– J. M. Howard

“We have returned home from our trip, including the cruise on the Princess Anastasia. I just wanted to let you know how much we liked the tours you arranged for us in Tallin and St. Petersburg. They were first-rate. The guide, the driver, the information they provided were excellent. Thank you for all your help.”

– S. Barton

“The trip on the Princess Maria plus tour of St. Petersburg was fabulous. The ferry is well appointed, clean, the restaurants are good, service impeccable and all the staff are ultra-friendly and courteous. Our cabin was really nice, I don’t like ships of that size and haven’t been on many (my husband and I circumnavigated on our own yacht so we are not keen on cruisers), but St. Peter Line was really good. The driver, Anatoli, and the guide, Katya picked us up in a Mercedes punctually at 10.30. Katya had SUCH good English, excellent vocabulary and a huge knowledge of St. Petersburg, history of Russia etc. The tour was interesting and we saw a lot. Driving on a Sunday without weekday traffic made it all much easier. I am so glad I found you in the internet and booked with you, the whole process from beginning to end was perfect!”

– Susan Fergusson-Günther

“We have been back from our trip and I have been meaning to drop you a quick note to tell you what a wonderful time we had. More than once we said what a wonderful job you did with our accommodations and all the connections. We did not have any glitches at all. It was so nice to have everything pre-arranged. All of the hotels were great–having all the breakfasts included with the room certainly was wonderful! Norway and Sweden will be places we will always remember fondly. Thank you again for all your hard work on our behalf. We will certainly recommend you to our friends!”

– J. & K. Searfoss

“Just a note to let you know we are back from the trip to Norway and St. Petersburg, Russia. We had such a great trip and so enjoyed the Lapland Tour you arranged. The tour guide we had was simply excellent, and the landscape of northern Finland breathtaking. We thank you for arranging the Norway portion- Flam Railway was more than worth the cost!- The Augustin Hotel in Bergen was my favorite of the trip and the wood on the floors and doors upstairs was beautiful. Just want to thank you again for your invaluable assistance and quick service.”

– J. & B. Ware

“We have received our travel documents and all looks outstandingly professional. We have been overseas many times, and never have we received such outstanding client focused service that we have received from you. Nothing even close, nothing can compare. A very big Well Done! Adrienne, you have been a very special support and inspiration. We are grateful to you for everything you have done.”

– Ivan & Jenna

“We have returned from our trip to Scandinavia. I am very pleased with your arrangements. Especially to note: Staying in flam overnight instead of hopping on the boat immediately worked much better than watching others run from the train to the boat. We wanted to let you know that we were very satisfied and will recommend you to anyone we know ants to go.”

– S. Habib

“I know that customers, me included, complain when there has been poor service, but we don’t often commend good service. One of your employers, Adrienne, has been extremely helpful to me with the kind of service that everyone appreciates but few people expect today. When I made my email reservation for the Copenhagen-Oslo overnight ferry, I made a mistake with the date, writing July 21 instead of August 21. Instead of leaving me to deal with my own costly mistake, before she made the reservation, she sent an additional email inquiring as to when I was leaving the U.S. When I replied that I was leaving on August 16 and hoping to be on the boat on August 21, she informed me of my mistake and allowed me to make the reservation for the date that I intended. Each of her emails communicated professionalism and gracious hospitality. Her action saved me money and more than that, it gave me more confidence in transactions via the internet. Please know that I will forever praise 5 Stars of Scandinavia to friends and colleagues because of her kind and thoughtful action. Thank you.”

– M. Tooley

“We have been back from Norway for a week and I just wanted to thank you for all your assistance. We had a WONDERFUL time. The hotels you selected were great. Every ticket worked properly. The coastal steamer was outstanding. Thanks again for all your help and advice. I would not hesitate recommending your agency for any similar trips.”

– J. Serumgard

“Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the trip you planned for us. The ferries, trains and hotels were a wonderful combination and I feel we saw as much as we possibly could in 13 days.

I would recommend your services to anyone. Thank you again.”

– M. White

“I wanted to write you to report on our trip to St. Petersburg. It went off marvelously and without a hitch in any detail. I will be happy to recommend you to any of my friends. thank you also for all your efficiency and help to make our trip so smooth.”

– D. Sheard

“I want to thank you for all the hard work you put into our trip to Iceland and Norway. We could not have done it without you!”

– ESPN – Suzuki Great Outdoors

“We recently returned from a quick excursion to Norway. The plans you laid out went like clockwork. Natalie far surpassed mere professionalism not only by doing more than her job required, but remaining patient and pleasant throughout our dealings. my husband and I are most impressed.”

– J. Herring

“Thank you for the superb program you prepared for us with such a success. We were delighted with every part of it, especially the Naantali Spa – it was wonderful!

Looking forward to planning our next vacation with you.”

– J. Rojas

“I wanted to write you to report on our trip to St. Petersburg. It went of marvelously and without a hitch in any detail. I will be happy to recommend you to any of my friends. Thank you for your efficiency and help to make our trip so smooth.”

– D. Sheard

“I just wanted to thank you for setting up our trip to Iceland. We were especially happy that there were no hidden costs with our hotels and car rental. Our trip was as stress free as possible. We will definitely book through 5-stars again!”

– M. Olson

“We just returned from our trip to Scandinavia and are very pleased with your arrangements and will recommend you to anyone we know who wants to go.. Especially of note: Staying in Flam overnight worked much better than watching others run from the train to the boat. the boat from Bergen to Hanstholm worked beautifully. The Hotel Augustin in Bergen and the Hotel Opera in Oslo are wonderful.”

– S. Habib

“It was a real pleasure working with you and we appreciate all the effort you have put in to making the Scandinavian Week happen.”

– Wheel of Fortune

“You and your company did a great job of arranging my trip to Finland and Lapland. I will be very happy to recommend your firm anytime. Thanks again for all you have done to make my trip to Finland such a memorable one.”

– D. McCoy

“Hello Natalie! Thank you so much for talking to me about our Scandinavian trip today. Your supervisor should know that you were easily the nicest, most patient, and easiest to understand person I’ve spoken with during my days of trying to plan this trip!”

– P. Hustad

“What a great trip! Indisputably one of the best we have taken-made so principally by your excellent advice and guidance. Everything worked as planned: the rail and ferry schedules meshed perfectly, the hotels were comfortable and convenient to the train stations. We appreciate all the effort you put into making our trip memorable.”

– J. & E. Murphy

“I just wanted to write and tell you how satisfied I am with the service I received from Natalie. She was extremely helpful and I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to friends planning to travel to Scandinavia.”

– M. Hazan

“Thank you for all of your hard work, patience and good judgment – our trip has been very successful.”

– A. Patterson

“I just had to do a very complicated driving trip through the Fjords in Norway with a side trip to St. Petersburg, Russia for a VIP. It took me a long time to find someone who could help me put this trip together as I knew very little about the area. I finally found Kristine Edwards or 5Stars of Scandinavia. They were unbelievably helpful in putting this challenging trip together for me and the client came back delighted. I would highly recommend this wonderful company and, in particular Kristine, if you have clients going to Scandinavia.”

– E. Starkey – Pro Travel Inc.

“I thought you deserved to know how much I enjoyed the trip. It was a great trip, thank you for it. We really enjoyed it, from the beginning to the end. Your selection of hotels was great. All of them. The view of Balestrand, the Sogne Fjord from the terrace of my room is something I will never forget. And Oslo was great, the city, the marvelous Hotel Continental that was a museum in itself, the Theatre Cafe was really the place to be. The Coastal Steamer is something I will never forget. The ship was splendid, the atmosphere could not be nicer, people from everywhere, and a couple of Spaniards (ourselves). The crew great. I was sorry to leave the trip in Kirkenes. I shall do the trip again, but this time all the way up and down. It was really, as they say, the most beautiful trip in the world.”

– P. Breva Ferrer

“The visa free cruise you set up for us from Helsinki to St. Petersburg was wonderful. The shore excursions set up by the cruise line were very interesting. We all had a fantastic time. Thank you for your assistance.”

– C. Morgan

“Our trip to Norway was wonderful – much to your credit. the accommodations were fantastic. Your professional assistance eliminated the guess work, allowed us to smoothly transfer from one destination to another. The documents and itineraries were perfectly arranged, easily understood and without mistake. Thanks again. It was a trip of a lifetime for all of us.”

– J. Uhler

“I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how wonderful our trip to Norway was. the hotels were wonderful, the trip up the coast was great. We had no problems with our plane and ship tickets and connections. It certainly makes a trip much nicer when all goes well. Thanks again!”

– J. Severson

“Our trip was unbelievable – we’ll recommend you to everyone! Your influence is impressive!”

– Helen Cowder

“Thanks again for making all of the arrangements. We’ll be happy to recommend 5 Stars to anyone planning Scandinavian travel.”

– Robert DeLap

“You arranged for our hotels and the Coastal Steamer in Norway. The hotels were wonderful, the trip up the coast was great. We had no problem what so ever, it certainly makes a trip much nicer when all goes well. Thanks again.”

– J. Severson

“Recently we requested from Five Stars of Scandinavia a guide for St. Petersburg. Larissa and her driver met us at the ship on time, and provided us with wonderful two days of sightseeing in St. Petersburg. We feel we saw more of this city in two days than most people see in a week. Our visit to St. Petersburg was the best of our trip. Thank you for Larissa.”

– R. Pasekoff

“Our family, party of eight, returned from Scandinavia, and were very, very pleased with the independent services. There was so much detail in this independent program, in Bergen, they were provided a very special day excursion. The guide even took the boys fishing, they were overjoyed – and caught some fish! an outstanding job!”

– R. Girard

“We have returned from a wonderful trip to Scandinavia, Russia and Germany. It exceeded our expectations in every way. You did an excellent job putting it together. Thank you for your efforts, we couldn’t be happier.”

– S. Jefferson

“This was a wonderful trip. The arrangements were superb, Anne Marie was a truly concerned manager. We would recommend this program with no – absolutely no hesitation. Needless to say, anything we plan, or hear from our friends about plans, to visit Scandinavia, you will be highly recommended.”

– S. Adelstein

“Thank you for your knowledgeable assistance & recommendations. I hope to bring you many more Scandinavian travel clients!”

– Voyages Cruise & Travel Specialists

“I want to thank you for all the hard work you put into our trip to Iceland and Norway. We could not have filmed the hunts without you.”

– M. Cicci, ESPN-Suzuki Great Outdoors

“Thank you for all your hard work, patience and good judgment – our trip has been very success.”

– A. Patterson

“Just returned from our Lapland Safari. Had a WONDERFUL trip. Thanks for all your help, Natalie.”

– K. Herdeg

“I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciated the help I got from Natalie. I am telling everyone what a great help you were and you can be sure that any and all clients I have traveling to Scandinavia will be booked through your company. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to be a Star to my clients.”

– V.S. Travel Source

“We wish you to know that we were indeed impressed with your proficiency – not to mention your always agreeable and pleasant manner to tending to our needs. We are looking forward to an informative and enjoyable journey knowing that you have prepared the way so well for us.”

– E. Rubel

“Well, we certainly had a beautiful trip to Norway & some good weather to go with it. The boat trip was fantastic & we enjoyed our side trips to Nordkapp and Saltstraumen. Thanks, takk, for making this such a great trip! We think you should be called Six Stars!”

– Mr. & Mrs. Davis

“I am writing to thank you for the wonderful arrangements for my clients for their trip to Scandinavia and St. Petersburg. They stopped by my office after their trip and informed me what a great rip it was and what a great tour operator to go with. I owe it all to you. Thank you again and I am looking forward to our next booking.”

– L.T. AAA Miami Valley

“I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciated the help I got from Natalie. I am telling everyone what a great help you were and you can be sure that any and all clients I have traveling to Scandinavia will be booked through your company. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to be a Star to my clients.”

– V.S. Travel Source

“Thanks for all your work in putting together a great vacation package. The trip was incredible in every way, Everything went as planned and without glitches.”

– D. Strom

“Your partner agency was generally very efficient and reliable, and I would be pleased to use them again for a return visit to St. Petersburg. I had a wonderful visit, and I am pleased to have discovered you on the internet.”

– C. Hofman

“Greetings! I have returned from a fabulous trip to Europe, made the more delightful by the arrangements you completed for me. Thank you so much for taking care of me even though I am down here in SF and we have never met. I trust that some day we shall.”

– M. Broemer

“Our clients had us over for dinner last night to tell us all about their Scandinavian Sojourn. They said it was the best travel adventure they’d ever had – and they are well traveled!

They could not say enough about how pleased they were throughout their trip. There was absolutely nothing negative said, just unforgettable experiences and encounters along the way. Thank you for your knowledgeable assistance and recommendations. I hope to bring you many more Scandinavian travel clients.”

– C. T. Voyages Cruise and Travel Consultants

“My clients are back form Norway and I wanted to let you know that they had such a wonderful time. I can’t thank you enough for all of your help!”

– B. H. Salty Dog Travel, Inc.

“I promised to let you know how our trip to Denmark and Norway went. It was wonderful! Really one of our more interesting and enjoyable travels! If we ever go back, we’ll talk to you again. I regret that your company did not profit more from all the time and effort you spent for us. You certainly were our salvation, after all the frustration I experienced before finding you.”

– H. Cowder

“My friend and I had a wonderful trip to Norway. What a picturesque country! We even attended a Grieg piano concert at the Kvikne’s Hotel. Thanks again to you and your company for making our last minute travel plans click. Takk for alt!”

– J. Klang

“We just returned yesterday form Sweden and Norway. Your arrangements were most helpful. The Norway Fjord tour, Fjord Images, was outstanding in every aspect: hotels, meals, tour director, motor coach etc. It was an excellent week for us, one we will not forget. Thank you for your help and assistance.”

– D. Bergquist

“We are back and had a wonderful time. Hotel Victoria in Stavanger was fantastic – I highly recommend it. The boat ride Flaggruten was fantastic – we had a great time. Thank you for all your help, we really enjoyed the trip despite the fact it rained every day.”

– T. Everson

“The trip was great and we made our connection in Helsinki thanks to you for your astute planing.”

– H. Bristol

“Last May you made arrangements for us for a trip to Norway, including hotel bookings and the Coastal Steamer. We wanted to let you know that everything went wonderfully (despite airline strike), that we loved Norway and can’t wait to go back, and that the Hotel Home With, in particular, was a great place to stay. Thank you very much for everything.”

– J & G. Archer

“We enjoyed our journey to Norway immensely and thank you for your excellent advice on hotels and routes. If we travel again next summer, we most certainly will contact you.”

– L. Spooner

“What better place to write you this thank you note than the porch at the Kvikne’s Hotel after a fabulous Norwegian buffet dinner! If the rest of my trip turns out as well as my introduction to Norway, I will be incredibly happy. Anyone you thinks the Norwegians are a somber people should have seen them laughing & joking in the midnight Sun! Have to go sit in the sun.”

– M. Broemer

“Just completed 7 fantastic, fun filled days in Iceland with a wonderful guide, Neils, and superb driver. The weather was fabulous. A few adjectives to describe the trip: wonderful scenery, overwhelming contrast in terrain, awesome glaciers, challenging walks. Information shared by the guide was like taking a college course in history, geography, and Sagas. Thank you so much for your help in getting this trip for me.”

– M. Bennett

“We arrived safely back home yesterday and want to thank you for your assistance with our travel arrangements. The trip was wonderful!!! Each of the locations was perfect. Thank you!”

– J. & D.

“My clients asked me to pass on their thanks to you, they had a wonderful trip and other than the train breakdown to Oslo everything went well. The guide was still with them so alternative transportation was organized via bus and train. Look forward to working with you again.”

– A-Z Tours International

“It takes this time of year to send a note of thanks for all the work you did for us on our trip to Scandinavia this last summer. I am sure you are well aware that the service you gave us was well beyond the average client commitment. My wife in her letter sang praises of your effort on our behalf. You deserve every accolade. Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year!”

– N. Bjork

“If you are contemplating of going to Scandinavia, PLEASE, PLEASE, use Ingrid. Nils has never had such conscientious, friendly and professional service in which the time in doing the job right was of no consequence. Not one day was underutilized; not one fare or amenity was left unevaluated for

best price and value; no adventure trips options were ignored. Without her knowledgeable skills many fond memories would not have been made.”

– M. Bjork

“St. Petersburg was beautiful. The Hermitage as impressive as I knew it would be. We had a wonderful guide, lovely women, and very knowledgeable and great company as well. All in all it was truly a memorable trip. Thanks again.”

– E.Vega

“We are writing from Trollhaettan as we prepare to play our first round of golf today. The experience has been wonderful and we can’t thank you enough for your assistance. We have already spoken to friends who are sure to be contacting you to book for next August. My wife and I are just returned from one of the most wonderful vacations ever in Europe. Oslo was fascinating, the trip to Myrdal by train and then down to Flam was awesome, and the cruising on the fjords was just great. Hotels selected were excellent – a room with a view over the harbor in Bergen’s Admiral Hotel was the icing on the cake! Many thanks, Natalie. A Job well done!”

– A. & M. Mole

“My clients are back from Norway and I wanted to let you know that they had such a wonderful time! I can’t thank you enough for all of your help!”

– Salty Dog Travel

“Thanks to your arrangements, we had a wonderful trip to Scandinavia. All the hotels were prepared for us and we had very gracious accommodations. The Admiral in Bergen was sheer heaven. When I walked into the room, I exclaimed

with joy because I had a wonderful view of the harbor and the old houses across the way. The arrangements in Tallinn and St. Petersburg were also excellent. We learned so much from them, not only about the history and architecture, but also about the quality of life in their countries. Again, many thanks for your arrangements which made our trip a great success.”

– C. Sisler

Ingrid Shumway, Owner

Ingrid & Natalie at the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Ingrid & Natalie at the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort