Grand Tour of South Greenland from Copenhagen, 8 days

Semi Escorted Tour and Ocean CruiseDenmark and Greenland

From $4,295 USD
August 11 - September 8, 2020
8 Days / 7 Nights

Grand Tour of South Greenland from Copenhagen, 8-day tour around the Golden Triangle. Visit Qaqortoq, historic Viking ruins, Inuit culture and Narsarsuaq.


Grand Tour of South Greenland from Copenhagen, 8-day semi-guided tour around the Golden Triangle of Greenland's South, features most aspects of Greenlandic history and everyday life in the Arctic. Visit Qaqortoq, the biggest town in South Greenland, with a population of just over 3000, beautifully settled near the big lake "Storesoen". Explore Narsarsuaq with historic Viking ruins, Inuit culture, Inland Ice Cap, deep blue fjords and colorful icebergs.


August 11 - September 8, 2020


Guaranteed departures from Copenhagen every Tuesday:
August 11, 18, 25
September 1, 8


  • from $4,295 per person in a double room
  • from $5,140 single room


  • Return Air Greenland flights between Copenhagen and Narsarsuaq
  • Boat transfer from Narsarsuaq to Qaqortoq
  • Boat transfer from Qaqortoq to Narsaq
  • Helicopter (or boat) transfer from Narsaq to Narsarsuaq
  • Transfers and Pick-up service
  • 2 nights Hotel Narsaq, standard room
  • 2 nights Hotel Narsarsuaq, standard room
  • 3 nights Hotel Qaqortoq
  • Accommodation with private facilities
  • Breakfast daily
  • 2-course dinner on Day 2
  • 3-course dinner on Day 7
  • Guided City walk of Qaqortoq with Arctic Adventure Guide
  • Guided City walk of Narsarsuaq with Arctic Adventure Guide
  • Guided City walk of Narsaq with Arctic Adventure Guide
  • Information meeting at Hotel Narsarsuaq

Not Included

  • Trans-Atlantic flights to/from Copenhagen
  • Lunches and Dinners (apart from the ones mentioned above)
  • Optional excursions
  • Gratuities
  • Personal insurance / personal items

Please note

  • Extra night in Copenhagen before and/or after your journey at Clarion Hotel (not included)

Tour Options


Welcome to South Greenland! Today you will fly with Air Greenland flight from Copenhagen to Narsarsuaq. Upon your arrival, Arctic Adventure guide will greet you at the airport and transfer you to the hotel later.

After check-in, there will be an information meeting hosted by our guide. You can then learn more about the itinerary and details you should pay attention to when you explore Greenland.

Today, a City Tour of Narsarsuaq is included in the itinerary. Together with Arctic Adventure guide, we will walk around in this small yet amazing settlement. You can immerse yourself in the UNESCO historical sites, ruins from centuries ago, sheep farms, green fields and icebergs floating in the fjord. You can get to know the nature and history essence of this settlement.

Tonight, you will stay at Hotel Narsarsuaq in standard room.

Hotel Narsarsuaq  ****


Today, you will get on the boat and sail to Qaqortoq through incredible Erik's Fjord. As the boat sailing towards the vast ocean, you can feel the refreshing air, hear the peaceful waves and see the gigantic icebergs.

When we arrive at the pier, Arctic Adventure guide will take care of the transportation and help you check-in at Hotel Qaqortoq. After a short rest, we can step outside to explore the beauty of Qaqortoq through the City Tour.

Qaqortoq is regarded as the hidden garden and the most beautiful town of South Greenland. Lying between the fjord of Qaqortoq and the lake of Tasersuaq, Qaqortoq enjoys various stone carvings and sculptures. This City Tour lasts around 2 hours, and we will walk around the main attractions.

Tonight, a 2-course dinner is served at Hotel Qaqortoq to mark an ending of today's adventure.

Accommodations: Hotel Qaqortoq, standard room

Hotel Qaqortoq ****


South Greenland witnesses the ups and downs of many historical changes and enjoy rich cultural sites. Hvalsey Church ruin is a vivid and precious heritage from the Norse Age. You can join our optional excursion Hvalsey Church Ruin to visit this unique site or you can explore Qaqortoq by yourself today.

Hvalsey Church Ruin excursion is a boat tour. We will sail through the beautiful Hvalsey Fjords to Hvalsey. And our guide will show you the historical ruins, the fascinating stories behind it and the nature there. This excursion is guided and lasts around 3 hours.

After this historical excursion, if you are interested, you can join optional Kaffemik and experience the life of living in Greenland by visiting a local family. Kaffemik is a byword of any social events in Greenland. You will have the precious chance to share coffee and a home-made cake with the local.

You can share your family traditions, tell some recent stories and ask any questions you want. Maybe you also get to see the traditional custom of Greenland if you are lucky!

Accommodations: Hotel Qaqortoq, standard room 

Optional Activities
Home Visit at Qaqortoq: Kaffemik with the Locals – 1 hour, Difficulty 1
Hvalsey Church Ruin – 3 hours, Difficulty 2

Hotel Qaqortoq ****


Sailing and hiking are two must-do activities in South Greenland. Today, you can explore South Greenland on your schedule. Instead, you can join our well-organized excursion to experience nature here fully.

Hike Around Storesøen is a guided hiking excursion around the big lake Storesøen. This 12-km hiking path leads us through the beautiful Greenlandic nature and offers us a peaceful atmosphere outside the town. Lunch, tea and coffee are included in this excursion.

Accommodations: Hotel Qaqortoq, standard room

Optional Activities
Hike Around Storesøen – 4.5 to 5.5 hours, difficulty 4

Hotel Qaqortoq ****


Our adventures in Qaqortoq have come to an end. Today, we will take the boat and sail to our next destination of this journey – Narsaq.

Narsaq is a charming town known for its colorful wooden houses. Founded in 1959, it is also the youngest town in Greenland. Narsaq enjoys natural beauty, historic and cultural ruins. In the City Tour of Narsaq, we will walk around the town and learn about its history with Arctic Adventure guide. This tour lasts around 1.5 hours.

If you still have time and want to explore more afterwards, you can opt to our optional excursion: Hike to Dyrnæs Peninsula.

Dyrnæs Peninsula Hike is a leisurely guided excursion taking you to a non-excavated Viking ruin. This is an area of great geological and historical interest. This hiking is not demanding; thus, it is suitable for everyone to participate. Light refreshments are included in this excursion.

Have you ever seen such a picture on the internet – a gigantic iceberg is bathing in the orange or pink colors of the midnight sun? If you still up to some adventures, you can join our optional Evening Iceberg Safari at a surcharge. We will sail into the sea and immerse ourselves in this picturesque view. It is going to be a lifetime memory.

Accommodations: Hotel Narsaq, standard room

Optional Activities
Dyrnæs Peninsula Hike – 3 hours, Difficulty 2
Evening Icebergs Safari - 1 hour, Difficulty 1

Hotel Narsaq***+

Day 6 NARSAQ (B)

Most of the land in Greenland is covered with ice. The vast inland Icecap seems to be unreachable, but at Narsaq, it is just a boat excursion away. Today you can freely explore the town on your preference or join our optional By Boat to Inland Ice Cap at a surcharge.

Boat Excursion to Inland Ice Cap starts from the busy harbour of Narsaq. We will sail past the fjord and head to the impressive Twin Glacier. As approaching closer to the glacier, we can go ashore on a small rock emerging from the glacier front. It is a great place to take some amazing pictures. In some cases, you can even touch the ice cap on this small rock! On the way back, we will pass by the bird’s cliff and a magnificent waterfall. This excursion lasts around 4 to 5 hours and is a must-do activity during your stay in South Greenland.

Please note, this excursion is not guided. However, transfer and pick up are included.

Accommodations: Hotel Narsaq, standard room

Optional Activities
By Boat to the Inland Ice cap from Narsaq - 4-5 hours, Difficulty 2

Hotel Narsaq***+


Today we will say goodbye to Narsaq and head to Narsarsuaq for more adventures! There are two ways to go to Narsarsuaq – by helicopter or by boat – it depends on the availability. If the helicopter is available, we will fly in a low altitude over the magnificent Arctic landscape to Narsarsuaq. It's going to be a memorable way to start a new day of adventure!

But, in the days that the helicopters are not available, we will take the boat and sail through the beautiful fjords. Arctic Adventure guide will take care of the transportation both in Narsaq and Narsarsuaq.

After checking-in at Hotel Narsarsuaq, we can join the optional activity – Shore Hike to the Ridge. Alternatively, you can rest or explore the settlement yourself.

Short Hike to the Ridge is a 3-hour guided hiking excursion. We will walk past a flower valley and hike up to a 300-meter highland. From there, we can overlook streams, fjord and the glacier in the distance.

Tonight, Hotel Narsarsuaq will prepare you a 3-course dinner.

Accommodations: Hotel Narsarsuaq, standard room

Optional Activities
Short Hike to the Ridge – 3 hours, Difficulty 3

Hotel Narsarsuaq  ****


Today is the last day of the adventure. Explore the settlement on your own before Arctic Adventure guide send you to the airport.