2 Spitsbergen Tours

Norway and Svalbard - Highlights of Spitsbergen and Norway's North CapeExplorer Cruise

Norway and Spitsbergen

From $8,641 USD
August 25 - September 5, 2020
12 Days / 11 Nights

Norway & Svalbard-Highlights of Spitsbergen and Norway's North Cape, 12-day expedition cruise on the new MS Spitsbergen from Oslo/Longyearbyen to Tromsø.

Spitsbergen, Jan Mayen, Iceland - Arctic Islands ExplorationExplorer Cruise

Iceland and Spitsbergen

From $8,321 USD
June 27 - July 11, 2019
15 Days / 14 Nights

Spitsbergen, Jan Mayen, Iceland, an Arctic Islands Exploration, 15-day cruise circumnavigate Svalbard, sail above 80º N, from Longyearbyen to Reykjavik.